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Free delivery in Yerevan

The free delivery service applies to orders within the city, from 10:00 to 23:00. However, please note that the delivery is free, provided that we set the delivery time within three hours.

The cost of delivery outside the city or to remote areas of the city of Yerevan, check with the operator at the toll-free number 015 200-200


Some flower arrangements and gifts require ordering a few days in advance.


 When submitting the order, the courier informs the recipient that the delivered bouquet has been paid for. The identity and any other information concerning our customer is strictly confidential. The flowers come with a free postcard, in which you can specify whatever you want.


Delivery to a hotel or place of work

When delivering to a hotel or office center, we guarantee delivery only to the reception, as the courier may not be allowed to reach the hotel room or office. If the recipient is absent from the workplace, the courier will leave the order with colleagues if they confirm that the recipient is at work that day.


Incorrect recipient's address or contacts

If the recipient's address or number is incorrect/incomplete, your order may be significantly held up.

To avoid this situation, please make sure that all recipient details are correct.

If the courier cannot find the address on the map, he will contact the recipient for clarification.


In order for us to organize the delivery correctly and in a timely manner, we ask you to carefully fill in all the fields, and if you have any questions, call 015 200-200.



The bouquet was not delivered due to an obstacle (closed door, checkpoint Tax Registration Reason)

If the courier was not warned in advance about possible obstacles, there is a possibility of a second delivery.

To avoid such a situation, when placing an order, please indicate the features of access to the recipient: intercom code, the ability to pass through the access control system, etc.).


The courier arrived with a bouquet, but the recipient is not there

We will call you right away to try to resolve the issue. The courier will wait 15 minutes. If the recipient has not arrived, we will contact you to determine the time of the courier's re-departure.

Re-departure of the courier - requiring payment. The cost of re-delivery can be found by calling 015 200-200. If you decide to reschedule the delivery to another day, when the flowers are no longer fresh, you will need to pay for a new bouquet.

Advice. To make the delivery of the bouquet perfect, plan the date, time and place of delivery of the bouquet in advance. Ask the recipient about his plans for that day: where he will be and what he will do.



Do the cost of delivery to remote areas of Yerevan and other regions of Armenia differ?

Delivery within Yerevan and partly outside of it is free of charge. Delivery to more remote areas of Yerevan is carried out for an additional fee. The cost of delivery will be displayed on the checkout page, you can also check it with our managers by phone 015 200-200.

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